Can I upload cover songs via Releese? Can I upload cover songs via Releese?

Can I upload cover songs via Releese?

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When distributing cover songs to platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Nuuday, Anghami, Tidal, KKBOX, and JioSaavn, it's important to understand the requirements regarding licenses, territories, metadata, artwork, and audio.

Stores and Territories

You can distribute covers to various platforms without needing a mechanical license, but if you wish to expand distribution beyond certain platforms, you'll need to purchase a mechanical license or exclude specific territories. Territories such as the USA, Canada, Mexico, India, and Pakistan must be excluded if licenses are not obtained. This exclusion can be managed in the distribution modal of your release. Please note that permission from the original artist is required to distribute covers to Korean service providers (Melon, Bugs!, Flo, Vibe, and Genie).


Ensure that cover songs have the exact same title as the original. When listing the composition owner(s) or publisher(s) in the release metadata, separate multiple artists with commas. The 'C line' should credit the original artist, not individual composers. The 'P Line' should contain the name of the artist performing the cover. Do not add the original artist as a composer artist in your artist roles.


Do not mention the original artist or use their images in your artwork.


Cover versions must not be misleading in any way and should not use any of the original sound recordings. Publishers may assert their rights if the cover song violates these principles.

If you need to obtain written permission from the original artist for your cover or make adjustments to comply with the guidelines, please contact with appropriate evidence, including the UPC of the release.

Ensure compliance with these guidelines to successfully distribute your cover songs across various platforms.

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