How do I create a payout method on Releese? How do I create a payout method on Releese?

How do I create a payout method on Releese?

Maxence Pepin Maxence Pepin

Creating a payout method on Releese is easy and flexible.

Finding your Wallet

Get started by navigating to the Wallet page on Releese. From there you can view your balance, manage payout methods, request a payout, and view your withdrawals.

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Creating a payout method

Once on the Wallet page, click the "Add Payout Method" button shown on your screen. This will open a modal which will guide you through the 3 steps required to add your payout method to Releese.

The first step is to give your payout method a name you will remember. Altho Releese displays some information on your payout method on your dashboard, it is easier to remember which account is which one by giving it a unique name. You will also be prompted to select a currency, we use this information to know what currency to send your bank, helping to potentially save on conversion fees.

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Submitting your bank details

The second step is to submit your bank details to Releese. This process is done securely via an HTTPS connection and is processed on our servers, but saved on a database outside the Releese platform, which significantly helps in keeping your data safe and confidential.

You will be required to pick a bank type (Local bank payout, SWIFT, IBAN, Interac, etc) which varies depending on the currency you have selected in the first step.

You will also need to fill in the information associated with your bank account, which can vary from the information you used to sign up on the platform. Use your own address and not your bank's physical address.

In certain cases, you will be prompted to pick an account type, such as Checking or Saving. Please make sure this information reflects the information on your bank's website. In case of doubt, contact your bank.

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Finishing up

After inputting all the information required for your country and currency, you will be prompted with the information you have submitted for review. Please make sure the information you have input on Releese matches your information. It is easier to triple check than to start over.

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Closing thoughts

Congratulations, you have successfully added your payout method to Releese! Whenever funds are deposited in your Releese Wallet, you will be able to withdraw them to this account.