What is a UPC code? What is a UPC code?

What is a UPC code?

Maxence Pepin Maxence Pepin

A UPC (Universal Product Code) code in music metadata refers to a unique numerical identifier assigned to a specific musical release, such as an album or a single track. It serves as a standardized method for identifying and tracking music products throughout the supply chain, including manufacturing, distribution, and sales.

In the context of music metadata, the UPC code is often included in the release information and associated with the corresponding recording. It helps to ensure accurate cataloging, royalty tracking, and reporting for music industry stakeholders, including artists, record labels, distributors, and digital music platforms.

Releese can use a pre-generated UPC code you provide or can generate one for your releases for free. To let Releese autogenerate a UPC code, simply leave the field empty in your project.