Can I distribute Dolby Atmos masters via Releese? Can I distribute Dolby Atmos masters via Releese?

Can I distribute Dolby Atmos masters via Releese?

Maxence Pepin Maxence Pepin

Absolutely! Releese members find it straightforward to share their Dolby Atmos mixed music with Apple Music and TIDAL.

Dolby Atmos represents a revolutionary approach to crafting and enjoying music, offering an unparalleled avenue for artistic expression. This technology fosters a profound bond between artists and their audience, transcending conventional boundaries. With Dolby Atmos, music transcends the ordinary, enveloping listeners within its melodies, and unveiling nuances with remarkable precision and richness. It empowers artists with expansive creative possibilities, enabling them to fully manifest their artistic visions and evoke deeper emotional resonance within their audience.

To distribute your Atmos masters on Releese, simply fill in the information required on the Dolby Atmos add-on in the distribution form.

Open the distribution form

Simply navigate to the distribution form and open the Add-ons tab.

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Fill in the form

Provide downloadable links to your Atmos masters via Google Drive or Dropbox.

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Atmos Specifications

  • BWF ADM file (WAV)
  • 24fps timecode
  • 24-bit LPCM audio at 48kHz
  • All deliverables must be conformed and synced to the original stereo reference masters
  • Stereo and Dolby Atmos file must be the same duration
  • Target Loudness value should not exceed -18 LKFS measured as per ITU-R BS. 1770-4.
  • True-peak level should not exceed -1 dB TP measured as per ITU-R BS. 1770-4.