How to distribute a release on Releese How to distribute a release on Releese

How to distribute a release on Releese

Maxence Pepin Maxence Pepin

Creating your release

Create a new release in your dashboard. Releases contain everything you need to plan, distribute, monetize, track, and grow your music on digital streaming and sales platforms. From the top + button, or from the "Create release" button in your releases tab, click the button.

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Setting your basic metadata

Drag and drop your artwork, pick a title, and select an artist from their Spotify profile. The only required item at this step is setting a title, you can always come back later to add, remove, or edit the artwork and artists.

Artists you select here will automatically be assigned to recordings when you upload them, this automation will save you time in the longrun.

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Building your release

Once your project is created, you will be taken to the overview page of your release. From here, you can follow the guide to distribute your release. As you can see in the screenshot below, you have a progress bar with items to complete: Uploading your recordings, uploading your artwork, locking your splits, setting your metadata, distributing your release, and pitching it to our editors.

The guide you are currently reading is a more in depth version of this in-app progress tutorial. There is plenty more to explore in projects such as AI generated marketing plans, file storage for your videos and contracts, and a bunch of data to track + so much more.

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Uploading your recordings

Drag and drop your WAV files to begin uploading your recordings. We currently only support WAV files as this requires less conversions steps in the backend, preserving quality during the distribution process.

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Setting your recording's metadata

Set your title, primary and featured artists, track type (Original, cover, remix, karaoke), and subtitle here.

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Setting your advanced metadata

Set your writers, composers, and producers here. Kindly note than composers and writers must at least have a first and last name.

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Setting your splits

Add the email address of your collaborators along the percentage you wish to assign to them, and to yourself. Splits need to add up to 100% and be locked in order to distribute your release.

We require splits locking to prevent fraud on the Releese platform

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Setting your album metadata

Go back to the overview tab, and scroll to the bottom. From here you must set your title, release date, primary and sub-genres, Record Label line, C Line, P Line, and artwork. You can leave the UPC code blank to get an autogenerated code from Releese for free.

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Once these steps are complete, go to the distribution tab, and hit that Distribute button.

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Review your recordings metadata, if anything is missing our system will guide you through fixing it.

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You can carve out territories on the Business plan if necessary.

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Pick on which platforms you wish to distribute your release on. Please note that we cannot guarantee your release will be accepted in all stores.

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Pick which add-ons you want for your release. To unlock publishing, your Publishing splits must add up to 100% and be locked.

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If you selected the Pre-Save add-on, you can customize how your page looks and feels from here. Make sure to enable subscriptions as they are very powerful.

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If you selected the publishing add-on, please add the PRO affiliation (if available), IPI codes (if available), and the percentage of the writer's share of every writer. The percentage is required and must add up to 100%.

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Once complete, you can review everything selected here, and click that distribute button to move forward.

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Please review and agree to our terms to distribute your project. Once distributed, our moderation team will review your release, once approved it will be sent to stores.

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